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My Beer Guy About Us

When we started in 2005, we had the vision to be the best service company in the industry. To achieve this, we decided we had to work daily to provide you with superior customer service. Today we are proud to be the leading draft system service and installation company in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.  If you need beer line cleaning, draft system service or maintenance, give us a call now!

We Are The Only Draft System Service Company With:

  • A dedicated call center 

  • A comprehensive auditing system  

  • A virtual ticketing system 

  • A continuous technician training program 

  • A detailed record of your system's properties

Services and Products


Beer and Wine Line Cleaning

  • Complete System Cleaning

Recommended every two weeks to effectively prevent yeast and bacteria buildup. Lines are flushed with a brewery-approved cleaner, rinsed, and repacked with beer. 

  • Acid Wash

Recommended every three months to break down beer stone. An acid wash is flushed through the system.

  • Care of Faucets and Couplers

We will disassemble and hand clean the faucets and couplers in the cooler.

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Contact Us

Customer Support: 844-233-7489

Mailing Address: PO Box 2636, Orland Park, IL 60462


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